Healthy Eating—Great Taste!

Gail Sketch

Gail McCully, Spice Mistress

A change in food trends towards healthier eating coupled with my exposure to cooking techniques not commonly used in Canada inspired me to develop a line of seasonings that would be not only good for you but quick and easy to use too. On top of all of that (and of the most paramount concern), they had to be delicious.

A simple task I said to myself, minimize sodium intake, cut out the calories, make it easy to use….. no problem, I’m a chef after all!

Well, truth be known, each recipe took months of experimentation, blending and taste testing to come up with something that would compliment the dish being prepared and be met with rave reviews when served. I have to admit that it was always a great relief to see the smiles and hear the compliments of my test subjects (read friends and family), though I do have my suspicions that most of them would say anything to get invited back for another free meal!


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